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To have appraised and assessed for taxation purposes all real properties in the     Municipality.  To have updated and fully recorded all assessment records.


1. To inspect and assess real property units for records and taxation purposes.
2. To conduct ocular inspection and physical survey to determine ownership and actual boundaries of parcel of land.
3. To establish and install records management system to facilitate retrieval and issuance of certifications, assessment information and assessment reports.


1. PROCESSING TRANSFER OF REAL PROPERTY TAX DECLARATION- Updated copy of Tax Declaration is issued upon transfer of ownership of subject property from previous to new owner or as a result of subdivision or consolidation of real property.
2. ISSUANCE OF NEW TAX DECLARATION FOR LAND AND INCREASE IN AREA- This service is requested by the land owner for the issuance of a new tax declaration.
3. ISSUANCE OF NEW TAX DECLARATION FOR BUILDING OR MACHINERY- This service is requested by the declarant for the issuance of a new tax declaration for his newly constructed building or newly installed machinery.
4. ISSUANCE OF RECLASSIFIED TAX DECLARATION OF A REAL PROPERTY- This service is requested by a tax payer for purposes of declaring the predominant use of his property.
5. ISSUANCE OF TRUE/XEROX AND PLAIN COPIES OF TAX DECLARATIONS AND OTHER ASSESSMENT CERTIFICATIONS- This document is often requested by a taxpayer who wants to secure a copy of tax declaration and other assessment certification (e.g. landholdings, non-improvement, back trace of tax declaration, etc.) for personal records or legal purposes.
6. REVISION/CORRECTION/REASSESSMENT OF TAX DECLARATION(e.g. Correction of Name, Boundary Location, Partial Destruction, Dilapidated Structures etc.) - This service is requested by the declarant for the issuance of a revised/corrected or re-assess tax declaration.
7. VERIFYING PROPERTY LOCATION AND VICINITY- This service enables a taxpayer to identify the location of a property in the tax map.
8. ISSUANCE OF ASSESSOR’S CLEARANCE FOR BUSINESS PERMIT - This service is requested by client for the issuance of business permit


  1. Annual Accomplishment Report

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