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Republic Act No. 9048     Brief Guidelines

Who have been given the authority to correct clerical or typographical error?

1.  City ir Municipal Civil Registrar- refers to the head of the local civil registry office who is appointed by the city or municipal mayor in accordance with the provisions of existing laws.

2.  Consul General- official of the DFA who issued the consular commissions by the President and/or Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

3.  Clerk of Sharl'a District Courtin his capacity as District or Circuit Registrar for the Muslim - acts in the performance of its civil registration function under PD 1083 or the Code of Muslim Personal Laws.

What can be corrected under RA 9084?

1.  Clerical or typographical error- refers to the mistake committed in the performance of clerical work in writing, copying, transcribing or typing an entry in the civil register that is harmless and innocuous, visible to the eyes or obvious  to the understanding, and can be corrected or changed only by reference to other existing records/s. Provided, however, that no correction must involve the change of nationality, age, status or sex of the petitioner.

2.  Change of first name- change of name or nickname given to a person which may consist one or more names in addition to the middle and last names which may be allowed on the following grounds:

   a.  The petitioner finds the first names or nickname to be ridiculous, tainted with dishonor or extremely difficult to write or pronounce;

   b.  The new first name or nickname has been habitually and countinuously used by the petitioner and he has been publicly known by that first name or nickname in the community; or

   c.  The change will avoid confusion.

Who may file the peition and where to?

Any person of legal age who has direct and personal interest in the correction/change of entry in the civil register may file in person, with the LCRO where the record containing the error is recorded/kept.

What are the supporting documents needed?

The petition shall be in the prescribed form of an affidavit, subscribed and sworn to before any person authorized by law to administer oath with the following documents:

  1.  for clerical error:

      a. certified copy of the document

      b.  at least 2 public or private documents upon which the correction shall be based

      c.  notice or certificate of posting

     d.  other documents relevant and necessary for the approval

  2.  for change of first name:

  In addition to the clerical error requirements:

 a. clearance  or certification of no pending administrative, civil or criminal case/record.

b. Proof of Publication: Affidavit of Publication from publisher and a copy of the newspaper clipping.

How much will be paid?

  • P1,000 for correction of clerical error
  • P3,000 for change of first name
  • P3,000 for a petition involving both types of correction/change

How long will it take?

  • After all requirements are complied with, petition shall be posted for 10 consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation is required for change of first name.
  • MCR render decision within 5 working days after posting.
  • Transmittal of decision to OCRG within 5 working days after the decision.
  • OCRG decides within 10 working upon receipt.
  • OCRG notifies MCR within 10 days after the decision.
  • More or less a minimum of two months.

What if the petition is denied?

  • The petitioner can file an appeal within 10 days after the decision.


1. Maintain a systematic, organize useable file of all civil registry records for prompt issuance of certified copies of civil registry documents.
2. Strengthen IEC on Civil Registration.
3. Continuously upgrade the Civil Registry Information System
4. Pursue linkages with National Statistics Office and other partner agencies.


The Office registers, stores and manages civil registry records and judicial decrees affecting the civil status of persons.  As such, this offices develop plans and strategies towards excellent and efficient civil registry system in the Municipality of Itogon.


1. REGISTRATION OF LIVE BIRTH- The birth of a child must be registered within thirty (30) days from birth in this office as mandated in R.A. 3753.  Registration of birth and marriage certificate is free of charge, pursuant to Sec. 6, P.D. No. 651.
2. LATE REGISTRATION OF LIVE BIRTH- Late registration of birth must be filed at the Municipal Registry Office following the lapse of the prescribed period of 30 calendar days from birth.
3. LEGITIMATION OF NATURAL CHILDREN- Legitimation is a remedy by which those who were born out of wedlock to be considered legitimate.  Only children conceived and born outside of wedlock of parents, who, at the time of conception of the former, were not disqualified by any impediment to marry each other, may be legitimated.  Legitimation of children by subsequent marriage of parents shall be recorded in the civil registry office where the birth was recorded
4. PREPARATION OF CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH (COLB) UNDER R.A. 9255(An act allowing illegitimate child to use the surname of the father) - The Civil Registry Office processes petition of an illegitimate child to use the father’s surname.
5. APPLICATION FOR MARRIAGE LICENSE­ - All couples (either one or both residents of Itogon) of legal age intending to get married must apply for marriage license at the municipal Civil Registry Office.  A marriage license is valid in any part of the Philippines for a period of 120 days from the date of issue.
6. REGISTRATION OF MARRIAGE- The Certificate of Marriage of a Civil or church wedding must be submitted within fifteen (15) days after the solemnization of marriage.  Registration of birth and marriage certificate is free of charge, pursuant to Sec. 6, P.D. No. 651
7. LATE REGISTRATION OF MARRIAGE- Delayed registration of marriage must be filed at the Civil Registry Office following the lapse of the prescribed period of thirty (30) calendar days from marriage
8. REGISTRATION OF DEATH- The registration of Death Certificate (DC) with the Civil Registry Office within the period of thirty (30) days is mandatory.
9. LATE REGISTRATION OF DEATH- Delayed registration of death must be filed at the Civil Registry Office following the lapse of the prescribed period of thirty (30) calendar days from death.


SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT ON BIRTH/MARRIAGE/DEATH- A supplemental report for birth, death and marriage may be filed to supply information inadvertently omitted when the document was registered.  Every supplemental report shall contain the following items except in the case of Certificate of Marriage wherein items (f) and (g) are not applicable:

a) Province
b) City/Municipality
c) Registry No.
d) Information inadvertently omitted in the original registration
e) Name (of child, deceased, or containing parties, as the case may be)
f) Informant (of the supplemental report)
g) Prepared by
h) Received at the Office of the Civil Registrar
11. FILING OF PETITIONS UNDER R.A. 9048(Change of First Name (CFN)/Correction of Clerical Errors (CCE))Republic Act 9048 authorizes the Civil Registrar to correct clerical or typographical errors in any entry and change of first name or nickname in the civil registry without need of a judicial order.  However, any petition to correct error that would subsequently change the nationality, age, status or sex of a person is not allowed and must be filed with the proper court.


COURT DECREESCourt Decisions concerning the status of a person must be registered in the Civil Registry Office where the court is functioning within ten (10) days after the court decree/order has become final and executory.  Court decisions that must be registered are the following:

  • Decree of Adoption
  • Decree of Nullity of Marriage/Declaration of Nullity of Marriage
  • Decree of Legal Separation
  • Court Decisions or orders to correct, change, cancel or delete entries in any certificate of birth, marriage or death.
  • Declaration of Presumptive death
  • Registration or voluntary renunciation of citizenship
  • Court decisions recognizing or acknowledging natural children or impugning or denying such recognition or acknowledgement
  • Judicial determination of maternity affiliation
  • Aliases

Legal instruments that have to be registered

  • Affidavit of reappearance
  • Marriage settlement
  • Admission of paternity and acknowledgement, legitimation, voluntary emancipation of minor, parental authorization or ratification nor artificial insemination
  • Acknowledgement
  • Acquisition of citizenship
  • Option to elect Philippine citizenship
  • Partition and distribution of properties of spouses and delivery of the children’s legitime
  • Waiver of right’s interest of absolute community
13. ISSUANCE OF CERTIFIED COPIES OF CIVIL REGISTRY (CR) DOCUMENTS- Civil Registry documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates maybe availed of by securing a certified transcript from the Civil Registry Office.
14. ENDORSEMENT OF CIVIL REGISTRY DOCUMENTS TO NSO-CRG- There are instances when the National Statistics Office does not have available records requested by clients, as a last remedy, clients check the availability of records at the Municipal Civil Registry Office.  If the document is available, the Municipal Civil Registrar submits civil registry documents to the Office of the Civil Registrar General (OCRG).



  1. Annual Accomplishment Report

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