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1. Maintain and update the tax information system of the office/municipality.
2. Implement local tax ordinances and other revenue measures in the collection of taxes and other revenues accruing the municipality.
3. Maintain and update tax records of registered taxpayers and related reports needed by authorities.
4. Recommend measures to enhance revenue collection.
5. Take custody and exercise proper fund management of the municipality.
6. Take charge of the disbursement of all funds of the municipality.
7. Undertake the preparation of Plans and Programs for the Office.
8. Pre-screen job applications for vacancies in the Office and submit applicants to the Personnel Selection Board for final approval.
9. Inspect private commercial and industrial establishments in relation to the implementation of tax.
10. Attend executive meetings and sessions of the Sangguniang Bayan and Other meetings called for
11. Join training/meeting with other National and Local agencies.
12. Conduct training programs and other activities for the staff development program of the office.
13. Take custody and be accountable for all properties, real or personal owned by the municipality and those granted to it in the form of donation, reparation, assistance and counterpart or joint projects.




Collection of Business Tax, Fees and Other Charges

Any individual or corporation, who established, operate, conduct or maintain their respective business within the Municipality is subject to payment of business tax, fees and other charges.The tax, fees and other charges shall be paid within the first twenty (20) days of January or in quarterly installment within the first twenty (20) days of January, April, July and October of each year.



Collection of Real Property Tax - There is hereby levied an annual Ad Valorem Tax at the rate of one percent (1%) of the Assessed Value of Real property, such as lands, buildings, machinery and other improvements not specifically exempted under Tax Ordinance No. 05-107 (The Benguet Revenue Code of 2005).  In addition to the basic real property tax, there shall also levied a one percent (1%) tax on the assessed value of real property, the proceeds of which shall accrue exclusively to the Special Education Fund (SEF).

The real property tax herein levied together with the additional levy on real property for the Special Education Fund (SEF) shall be due and payable on the first day of January.  The same, may, however, at the discretion of the taxpayer, be paid without interest/penalty in four (4) installments: the first installment on or before March 31; the second installment, on or before June 30; the third installment, on or before September 30; and the last installment, on or before December 31.


a) Notice of Assessment from the Municipal Assessor’s Office
b) Previous Tax Receipts
3. Issuance of Community Tax Certificates - There is hereby levied an annual community tax on individuals and corporations at the rates prescribed under the Itogon Municipality Revenue Code.  Individuals include every inhabitants of this Municipality eighteen years of age or above who: a) has been regularly employed on a wage or salary basis for at least thirty (30) consecutive days during any calendar year; b) is engaged in business or occupation; or c) owns real property with an aggregate assessed value of One Thousand (P1,000.00) or more; or c) is required by law to file an Income Tax Returns. Whereas, corporations include domestic or resident foreigner, no matter how created or organized, engaged in or doing business in this Municipality.


REGISTRATION/ISSUANCE OF CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP/TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP OF LARGE CATTLE/REGISTRATION OF PRIVATE BRAND - The owner of the large cattle is hereby required to register said cattle with the Municipal Treasury Office.  Large cattle includes a two-year old horse, male ass, carabao, cow or other domestic members of the bovine family. The registration fee shall be paid to the Municipal Treasury upon registration or transfer of the large cattle. All branded and counter branded animals presented to the Municipal Treasurer shall be registered in a book showing among others, the name and residence of the owner, and the class, color, sex, brands and other identification of the cattle.

REQUIREMENTS/DOCUMENTS:  Certification of ownership from the Punong Barangay.



Issuance of Certificate of Non-Tax Delinquency

REQUIREMENTS/DOCUMENTS:  Previous Receipts showing real property tax payments.




I. Occupation Tax


Fees for Sealing and Licensing of Weight and Measures.

Requirement:  Financial statement for the preceding calendar year.


Fees and Charges upon filing application for motorized tricycle franchise.

Requirement:  Order of Payment from the Office of Sangguniang Bayan



1. Annual Accomplishment Report
2. Accomplishment Report 2015


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